Portland Digital Marketing Exec Blasts EC for Hypocrisy Over GDPR Non-Compliance

June 01, 2018
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Portland-based digital marketing executive Augusto Beato blasted the European Commission (EC) for its hypocrisy after it was revealed the personal information of hundreds of people had been leaked on its website.

"Why does the EC impose the regulation if it does not observe it?" quipped Beato, CEO of Portland SEO, who added that there is no room for selective compliance to the law.

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Beato also pointed out that the EC is contradicting its statement. After insisting that it is not subject to GDPR, following a leak of personal data on its website, an EC spokesman later said that they are "taking and will continue to take all the necessary steps to comply."

The spokesman said that European institutions were “separate” from GDPR for “legal reasons” and would instead be subject to a new law that takes effect in the autumn. The data breach comes after companies rushed to meet the May 25 deadline which saw the EU’s new GDPR law come into force.

The leak includes more than 700 records including names, addresses, and professions. The postcodes and addresses of British citizens can also be found by searching the official EU website using Google.

They are among thousands of Excel spreadsheets that are easily accessible online and were uploaded from 2013 by officials in European Commission ​departments to their website Europa.eu.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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