Miami Lawn Care Gives Summertime Tips

May 16, 2018
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Miami FL- Summer is around the corner, and homeowners in Miami should begin to take extra caution for their lawns. Lawn service in Miami is something all resisdents should be aware of. The Billy Goat, a leading Miami landscaping company, wants to make sure all homeowners know the right tips to keep their lawn healthy and green during the summer months.

The main tip that the company advises to homeowners is the keep all lawns hydrated. In order to have healthy and beautiful growth in the garden, it is important that they are watered consistently. It is important for people to remember that different lawns need differents amount of water. The local water authority will have all the information needed for the right amount of water.

The Billy Goat owner Danny Macias said, "We all love summer, but in Florida, it is important that people make sure their lawns is as pretty as the weather outside. The more information they have about maintaining their lawn, the less problems they will run into.''

The Miami lawn service company suggest that people make sure they mow their lawn at the right height. In this season, people should adjust the mower height to leave grass taller. Tall grass shades soil, which reduces water evaporation. Also, people want to remember to tackle weeds and prevent new ones from growing.

"A beautiful lawn makes for the perfect summertime home," Macias said.

For more information regarding The Billy Goat, please visit or call (305) 666-0111.

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