Santa Cruz CA Real Estate Agent Sandy Wallace Takes a Stand Against Rent Control and Just-Cause Eviction Initiative

May 15, 2018
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Santa Cruz CA: Experienced Real Estate Agent Sandy Wallace takes a stand against Rent Control and Just-Cause Eviction Initiative in Santa Cruz CA, saying that the city ordinance takes away all kinds of property rights. She urges people who are against the ordinance to take action immediately by helping defeat the opposition’s ballot come the November 2018 election. With 20 years of experience as a realtor in Santa Cruz, Sandy knows that many people from other cities buy properties in Santa Cruz to rent and build equity. With the implementation of rent control, however, many of them might be forced to sell their long-time homes.

“The initiative is flawed in so many ways. It will not help the tenants that introduced it. I have been a Realtor in Santa Cruz since 1998 and lived here since 1976… I know that people will not be buying a home in Santa Cruz as an investment to rent it,” says Sandy.

Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to live, and it's no wonder many people dream to live and raise their families here. Those who buy homes in the city to build equity work hard to maintain their Santa Cruz homes, with many of them even hiring fixer-uppers to improve the conditions of their homes and make them nice enough to be rented at a high price.

Many of Sandy’s clients live in the Bay area and want to purchase a beach home in Santa Cruz because of its scenic beaches and mountains. Santa Cruz’s natural appeal has helped improve housing conditions in the city and has made the roads of Santa Cruz jam-packed with tourists. Sandy maintains that these will all change with the implementation of rent control, which has many unintended consequences.

The Rent Control Ordinance seeks to control the rising costs of rents through several measures, including tying rent to inflation, providing eviction protections to tenants and forming a rent control board to implement the regulations. But according to Sandy, this ordinance will only hurt both landlords and tenants than help them. “Landlords will have to pay for the cost to create and establish a rent control board. With just cause evictions, to get a tenant out of a property, a landlord may have to pay relocation expenses, which are six times the fair market rent,” she explains.

As a real estate agent, Sandy maintains that what Santa Cruz needs is to attract people who can afford homes and improve the living conditions in the city. Unfortunately, implementing rent control will have a detrimental effect on Santa Cruz’s rental market as more landlords might choose to pull their rental units off the market.

The Santa Cruz City Council has already imposed an interim emergency rent control ordinance in the city and many were quick to go up against it, including Sandy. Having been a resident of and real estate agent in Santa Cruz for decades, there is no doubt that Sandy already masters the ropes of the Santa Cruz real estate market.

“Sandy has been the best realtor since day one of meeting her. She quickly figured out what types of house were right for us and found what we wanted at the price we could afford,” says a review from one of her clients, Anne Berne.

For more information about Sandy and the services she offers, call her today at 831-818-7099. Those interested can also sign up on for more news about the Rent Control initiative.

About Sandy Wallace:

Sandy Wallace has lived in Santa Cruz since 1976. She started her career as a real estate agent in 1998. She sold home loans for 7 years before helping them sell their homes. Since she became an agent, Sandy has helped hundreds of clients in and around Santa Cruz CA make their real estate and lifestyle dreams come true.

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About Sandy Wallace - Realtor®:

Sandy Wallace is a top Santa Cruz CA real estate agent who specializes in oceanfront properties. A true resident, her knowledge of the different neighborhoods with a pulse on the market showcases her edge above the rest.

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Sandy Wallace
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