London X City Magazine To Cover The Royal Wedding

May 17, 2018
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London X City, a London-based lifestyle online magazine, is proud to announce that they will be covering the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meagan Markle. This is likely to be the most important royal wedding for many years, with some feeling that it might even outshine that of Prince William and Catherine. The world is watching as Prince Harry and his bride-to-be prepare for their big day.

"We know that many people are curious whether Prince Harry and Meagan Markle will have a fairy tale wedding," says Chloe from London X City. "The royal couple has been causing ripples by not inviting quite a few people, which may have upset them significantly. We have looked at all the trending aspects surrounding the upcoming royal wedding and will of course be covering the big day as well."

According to London X City, there have been some significant issues due to some people not being included in the guest list. These include Theresa May, who is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Rumors are rife about this particular lack of invitation. It should be pointed out, however, that due to Prince William and Princess Catherine now having three children, Prince Harry is far enough removed from the throne to not have to invite public officials. Others believe that the couple have only invited those whom they feel have done good for the community and that this may be a reason for the lack of an invitation. Those interested can read more by visiting the London X City website.

Chloe continues: "Many people believe that it is a little bit of both. On the other hand, the Obamas have not been invited either, despite Harry and Barack Obama appearing to be quite close. That said, Donald and Melania Trump have not been invited either."

Perhaps more shocking is the news that Sarah Ferguson, often referred to as 'Fergie', has been invited to the wedding and reception, but has been left off the after party list. Sarah Ferguson is the Duchess of York who used to be married to Prince Andrew. She divorced him in 1996 but has remained close to both him and the Royal Family since then.

Any new developments in the royal wedding will be featured on

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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