Frux Home and Yard Releases New Blog On Tips To Keep A Kitchen Spotless

April 03, 2018
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Frux Home and Yard is well known for publishing articles, DIYs, tips, and advice. Their newest piece features information to help keep the kitchen clean while it’s in use. By following these easy tips, readers can effortlessly keep their kitchen tidy and overall be more sanitary.

In the article, 'The Secret Behind A Spotless Kitchen -All The Time! Great Tips For Cleaning While You Cook!' Frux Home and Yard states “If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean, goes the old saying, and if you're taking the time to cook something special you are likely to have some extra time." They suggested using that time, "to get in there and scrub the oven top, organize and wipe down the fridge, clean the countertops, sweep the floor, and do other cleaning jobs while your lasagna is baking, your pot is slow cooking or your vegetables are simmering.”

The article provides tips on ways to keep the kitchen clean and minimize dishes once dinner is done. While users are waiting for things to cook, small spurts of cleaning can be done to keep the kitchen in order. Frux also remind readers their SIli-Mitts silicone oven mitts take minutes to clean as opposed to fabric oven mitts.

Users can look for the durable silicone oven gloves on and view the product description which states that the oven mitts are heat resistant up to 482 Fahrenheit / 250 Celsius, and feature long length to protect users from steam and hot water burns.

The listing also states that the oven gloves are 100% FDA approved food grade silicone making them safe for families. In addition, the outer layer of the oven mitts are completely waterproof making them very easy to clean. The article states that by using warm water and soap the oven mitts become spotless in minutes, eliminating bacteria and making the oven gloves an essential kitchen item.

With an open design, the oven mitts are a one size fits all and can comfortably fit any hand size while allowing for flexibility. For storing, users can place them on a hook or inside a kitchen drawer.

The full article is now available on for readers who are interested in learning more about cleaning while cooking.

Cleaning while you cook tips Article by Frux Home and Yard

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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