Copper Infusion Pro Highlights Features Of Newly Launched Copper Compression Knee Sleeve

April 09, 2018
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Copper Infusion Pro, a business in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, has recently released their copper compression knee sleeve. They are now proud to announce that the sleeves are proving to be very popular. Hence, they would like to further highlight the specific features of this particular product for knee pain relief.

Lesley Franssen, spokesperson for Copper Infusion Pro, says: "We are very happy to see that people appreciate our product so much, so we felt it was time to better highlight how and why it works. Copper had been used in medicinal practices around the world for thousands of years and modern science has now confirmed just how effective it actually is."

The copper compression knee sleeve, which is currently available from Amazon, is designed to enable people to have a full range of motion in their knee, thanks to the flexible but strong support. Because the material is infused with high contents of copper, it helps to lessen arthritic, joint, and muscle pain. It has been specifically designed to be fully effective while also being highly comfortable.

Another key feature of the sleeve is that it is made using breathable material. This helps to eliminate both odors and germs. Lesley Franssen explains: "Some sleeves are not very breathable, particularly when they are infused with copper, which leaves people sweaty, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Our sleeve is far superior as it stays comfortable and dry at all times."

The product is quickly becoming known as the best copper compression knee sleeve in the market today. It is highly comfortable yet provides a snug fit and its non-slip grip ensures that the sleeve stays in place all day. Copper Infusion Pro is so sure that people will love their product and benefit from it, that they provide a full no risk guarantee to all their customers, no questions asked.

Anyone who suffers from arthritic pain, joint pain, muscle pain, or other forms of discomfort in the knee are encouraged to try a copper sleeve to find relief. Copper is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties as well as providing natural heat. Those are just some of the ways in which it is able to provide relief.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Copper Infusion Pro:

We are a compression design wear company who provide copper infused compression and joint support wear for active sports and everyday activities.

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