Low Carb Online Store Carb Freedom Acquires Low Carb Zone

June 25, 2014
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Carb Freedom is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Low Carb Zone.  Australia’s favourite online low-carb store has acquired Low Carb Zone to add value and experience to the thriving low-carb food market.

When asked about the benefits of a low carb lifestyle and why so many Australians are embracing this increasingly popular diet, Carb Freedom’s director, Andrew Boyd commented, “A low carb lifestyle is appealing for a number of key reasons.  It lowers your blood sugar volatility, provides long lasting consistent energy, and helps your body burn lean fuel.  Staying low carb is the perfect health trick,” Mr. Boyd said.

When carbohydrates are restricted in your diet it causes your body to utilise fat as an energy source leading to weight loss.

Low carb diets are often easy to maintain as the lack of carbohydrate normally helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are stable you don’t crave those sweet, sugary foods.

“Of course we all get tempted by cakes and chocolate, and we all get cravings for bread or pasta but that’s what Carb Freedom is all about; it’s all about giving low carbers great tasting low carb alternatives so they can maintain a low carb lifestyle without missing out on the foods they love,” continued Mr. Boyd.

About Low Carb Zone

Low Carb Zone offers low carbers a comprehensive range of low carb food products online. They have a long and proud tradition of bringing the latest low-carb products to the market before they are available in store.  Going low carb should not be hard work.  Low Carb Zone offer their online customers a broad range of low carb pre-packaged food options that can be easily integrated into their everyday health and nutrition plan.

About Carb Freedom

Carb Freedom is an online, low carb pantry for anyone looking to get healthy by adopting a low-carb lifestyle.

Following the acquisition of Low Carb Zone, Carb Freedom will be expanding its already extensive product offerings, as it continues to strive to bring innovative low carb products including pastas, breads, cakes and snacks to the Australian market.

Carb Freedom allows low carbers to buy top quality products online, eat well, get results, and enjoy low-carb foods without sacrificing flavour.


SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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