London X City Magazine Posts Article On Maplin Collapse

March 12, 2018
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London X City, a UK-based online magazine, has published an article that focuses on the collapse of Maplin, discussing the liquidation of this iconic electronics' store and what this means for the UK high streets. People interested on the impact of the Maplin collapse on people's lives are encouraged to join the conversation and share their views on the matter.

Chloe from London X City says: "There are some scary ripples going through the UK economy right now. First, Toys R Us collapsed and, just a few days later, Maplin went into liquidation. Add to that the uncertainty over Brexit and it seems that people are not looking so positively at the future. We want to have a candid discussion on what this all means, particularly for the UK high street."

It is a known fact that, since the Great Recession of 2007/2008, the British high street has been in a state of decline. More and more shops are shutting their doors. It seems that with more people now shopping online and business rates still going up, the average store simply cannot sustain itself anymore. Chloe adds: "The fact that startup and mom and pop shops are struggling is no surprise. That has been going on for about a decade now. But the fact that big names, like Maplin and Toys R Us, are struggling ... that really is a worry."

People are encouraged to read more about the various factors that seem to have contributed to Maplin needing to close its doors. The role that Brexit has played in this has been a particularly heated subject, with some saying that Maplin was doomed to fail long before the referendum, and others saying that the slump in the British pound sterling as a result of the referendum was the final nail in the coffin for the company that may have otherwise survived. Chloe continues: "We do not want to make everything about politics but it is important for us to consider how our politics affect our economy. This is particularly true in London, where people overwhelmingly voted to remain."

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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