Augusto Beato Wants More Health Studies on Wireless Electricity

March 05, 2018
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Augusto Beato, CEO of Portland SEO, wants studies on the effect of wireless electricity on the human body to be revealed before the technology is further rolled out.

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"Though there is lot of research going on about wireless electricity, what really matters is its effect on human bodies," says Beato. He noted, however, that there is a basis to says that wireless charging is safer than plugging in a device because it transmits power without contact with exposed electrical connectors.

The Portland digital marketing expert made the comment in relation to the news that the Federal Communications Commission has granted consumer safety certification to wireless power developer Energous for its wireless charging technology.

The FCC approval caused the stocks of Energous to shoot up by nearly 100 percent in the hours after the announcement.

The newly-approved system, called WattUp, uses radio frequencies to transmit power to devices like smartphones and watches. It’s crucially distinct from systems that can only charge devices when the devices are in contact with charging pads.

The WattUp can charge everything from game controllers to tablets from as far as 15 feet away, though the current approval only covers a three-foot transmission range. With that range, it's designed to be used on desktops or in cars to charge phones, wearables, headsets, keyboards, and mice. The transmitters could be standalone devices or incorporated into existing electronics like TVs or fridges.

It is also worth noting that the authorization from the FCC doesn't specify the wattage of the device.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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