Kloojj Releases Video Clipping And Social Bookmarking Influencers Tools

March 07, 2018
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Kloojj, a business in Phoenix, AZ, is proud to announce the release of their unique Kloojj™ influencer tools. This is a new social video clipping platform that gives video content creators a new set of tools to engage with their followers and display their content. Through the tool, users are able to create their own unique 'Kloojjes' inside of online video and people are encouraged to check out the influencer features FAQ for further information.

David Hirschfeld from Kloojj says: "Kloojjes enable people to save their most memorable moments to watch again later or share with friends."

The new tool is already proving to be incredibly popular, "With Kloojj, you can share what matters to you," according to people from the Tayra Perez Project. In response to the feedback from several influencers since the app's launch, Kloojj has focused on releasing new features designed to specifically help influences. A full Kloojj feature overview is available on their website.

One of those new features is the social profile links. David Hirschfeld adds: "Influencers can now display icons on their Kloojj profile that link to each of their social profiles such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, iOS and Android app store links, and to their website or blog."

Furthermore, it includes one-click Kloojj to all the user's YouTube channel videos. With one simple click, influencers can automatically create a Kloojj for every video in their YouTube channel. This feature allows influencers with hundreds of videos to effortlessly add all their videos to their Kloojj profile, giving them an instant presence. This feature also allows them to add multiple channels and automatically separate them into easily searchable folders, using Kloojj's unique tagging system.

Additionally, it is now possible to embed a Kloojj on a website. David Hirschfeld continues: "Embedding a Kloojj in a blog post or web page has major advantages, but Kloojj's newest feature takes it one step further by displaying a thumbnail image carousel of other relevant Kloojjes from the user's Kloojj profile. This feature gives influencers' content more exposure to viewers, unlike other video embeds that display content from other creators."

The company has also revealed that it has almost finished the addition of one other feature, which is the ability for users to explore other Kloojjes inside the same video, similar to a table of contents. The influencer release demonstration showcases how this works.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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