Rockwell Trading Bootcamp Orlando: The Truth About Trading

February 13, 2018
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Rockwell Trading brings its highly successful free trading Bootcamps back to Orlando this February. With the buzz surrounding the upcoming event, it looks to be another huge success.

Running from February 22nd to the 25th, the Rockwell Trading Bootcamp is a stock and options trading workshop that introduces novice, intermediate, and even advanced traders to the simple foundations of the Rockwell Trading System.

Attendees will be treated to an in-depth workshop that teaches them how to cut through all the trading noise and identify trends in the markets and well as manage their accounts to stay in profit while keeping things simple, actionable, and effective -- the Rockwell Trading way.

Hot off the heels of the their successful Bootcamps in L.A., Vegas, Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix, Rockwell Trading founder and CEO Markus Heitkoetter had this to say about coming back to Orlando:

“I’m excited to be coming back to the beautiful city of Orlando. And I’m also excited to be back and share my trading knowledge with new and old faces. You see, we have had Bootcamps in Orlando before, and the turnout has always been great! People are very interested to learn how to trade, and they take in all the information you give them like a sponge then go out and use it. I love teaching go getters the simple, actionable steps to trading so that they can take their financial future in their own hands responsibly.”

Dubbed as “The Truth About Trading”, loyal subscribers wondered if the Rockwell Trading Bootcamp in Orlando will be somewhat different in comparison to before.

Ask to comment about this, Heitkoetter said: “We are always pushing the envelope and teaching the Truth About Trading - trading is simple - if you follow the rules and we want everyone to know that. With the current volatility in the markets, and of course the Bitcoin crash, I believe that it is important that I explain to people two important things with regards to trading. First; what trading “really” is, and what its not. Second, how to effectively cut through all the clutter so that they can navigate the current situation, or future ones, more effectively. But they will still get the same simplified, actionable trading strategies for any market that our Bootcamps are known for. And yes, it is still absolutely free.”

The company is expecting another city, another full house for the ever growing in popularity Rockwell Trading Bootcamp. And it seems that the Rockwell Trading team is indeed living up to its promise last year of teaching the entire nation how to trade, one city at a time.

To check the dates for the Orlando Bootcamps, go to the official Rockwell Trading Bootcamp page

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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