Bone Treats May Be Deadly for Dogs, New Research Shows

February 08, 2018
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida: WyldLife Pets, a company that provides natural bully sticks and beef tendons for pets, has released new information regarding the dangers associated with consuming bone treats for pet dogs.

According to Colin Campbell, a spokesperson for the company, "Bone treats are real bones that have been dried, flavored and packaged for dogs. While these treats are extremely popular for canines, there has been a rise in the number of diseases associated with their use, with the total number coming up to 68 illnesses, that are caused by consuming bone treats."

Popularly used as stocking stuffers, these bone treats have been classified as unhealthy via FDA warnings. In their reports, pet owners and veterinarians said dogs that ate these bones experienced blockages in the digestive tract, choking, cuts, vomiting, diarrhea and in extreme cases, death. Not just bone treats but regular bones of chicken can get stuck in their throats, causing injury that can range from mild to severe. This goes for turkey carcasses and steak bones as well.

A healthier option for pet owners would be bully sticks, which are natural products that can keep one's dog both happy as well as safe. Bully sticks are healthy for dogs as they are only made of high-protein beef muscle. Beef is a complete source of amino acids that are integral to the healthy growth of a dog's muscles, brain, skin, and coat.

They are a natural dog chew option, as they are free from artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives and thus can protect dogs from developing any allergic reaction or unwanted side effects. Furthermore, bully sticks are great for maintaining a dogs' dental hygiene. To check out WyldLife Pet’s line of bully sticks and beef tendons, visit their official Amazon storefront.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Wyldlife Pets:

Wyldlife Pets sells quality natural USA made dog treats. As the owner, Colin Campbell states "If you won't eat food with that stuff in it, why would you feed it to your dog?

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