Austin Vision Therapy Center Posts New Blog Looking to Debunk Common Vision Therapy Myths

December 08, 2017
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Austin, TX - The latest blog posted by Austin Vision Therapy Center takes a look at four common myths swirling around vision therapy. These are the most common misconceptions the optometrists face when first meeting new patients.

One by one, the post examines rumors that many hear about who can benefit from vision therapy, the efficacy of the program, and more. The post at is an attempt to provide readers with facts that can help them decide whether or not vision therapy is right for them.

The doctors believe that with so much flawed or wrong information readily available online, it is their job as professionals to help dispel such myths in their blog. Every month they hope to look at a new vision-related issue that may be impacting their readers.

Austin Vision Therapy Center has been providing vision care in Austin to adults and children for years, but it is only recently that parents have become aware of how vision therapy can be useful to struggling students. The blog post is an attempt by the doctors to alert readers to some of the lesser-known ways in which treatment can be beneficial.

Austin Vision Therapy Center diagnoses and treats a variety of vision problems. Greater visual success can lead to an overall better life. To schedule an appointment or find answers to any vision or visual processing concerns, contact Austin Vision Therapy Center.

About Austin Vision Therapy Center

Austin Vision Therapy Center is a skilled team of doctors and professionals who aim to help their patients improve their life by addressing any vision problems they may have. Dr. Denise Smith is the founder and clinical director of Austin Vision Therapy Center. She believes that every problem has a solution and provides her patients with options they may not have even known existed by implementing a comprehensive approach to vision care and vision therapy.

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About Austin Vision Therapy Center:

Welcome to The Center for Vision Development. Here at “CVD” (as we like to call it), we see our patients as more than just a set of eyeballs and look at how vision affects the person as a whole.

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