PPOC Announces Product Proof Of Concept Launch

December 07, 2017
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PPOC, a business in Houston, TX, has announced the launch of the Product Proof of Concept (PPOC) program. This is an exclusive, membership only program for consumers to test products and services and receive 100% cashback rebates in exchange for providing brands with valuable insights on their new products. The program was launched on November 14, 2017, and the first product tests were made available to Early Bird Members. Those interested are encouraged to check it out here.

Daniel, the spokesperson for PPOC, says: "We are a cutting-edge product testing community. It is comprised of real shoppers who simply like to help brands gain insight on their products, learn more about the problems consumers face and the solutions they need, improve their marketing messaging, and build awareness for their new products."

Members of the PPOC program gain access to cutting-edge products and will receive 100% cashback rebates on their products. Additionally, members have the opportunity to earn money at higher membership levels by receiving bonus payments for certain product tests they do. Members also receive other benefits such as monthly cash prizes and other major prizes given out for completed product tests. Full details about the program, how it works, and membership details can be accessed through the website.

While the first products have been sent out to Early Bird Members, PPOC is still enrolling new bronze members. However, PPOC urges people to hurry because the number of spaces is limited. The company announced that open enrollment for Bronze members will close on December 15th. Daniel adds: "The brands we work with are passionate small businesses. These are companies that have spent many years developing and fine-tuning their products and they want to give their products to real consumers - like you - so they can learn more and increase awareness of their product."

He adds: "When these brands can get their products into passionate and engaged consumers' hands - the consumers can provide them the key insight the brands need to improve their product, improve their messaging, understand the markets they serve and much more."

People are encouraged to visit productproofofconcept.com for further information on how the program works and to sign up for a Bronze membership.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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