Temporary Warehouse Named #1 In The Country

December 04, 2017
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Temporary Warehouse, a business in Houston, TX, has been named the #1 vendor for temporary warehouses, temporary tents, and portable manufacturing and distribution centers in the country. All their tents and temporary warehouses are manufactured from German engineered Grade A rust-free galvanized steel and anodized aluminum. The company says the tents can stand up to hurricane winds.

Jake Lytle from Temporary Warehouse says: "We are pioneers in the United States to exclusively offer "industrial grade" clear span tent structures for your long and short-term on-site solutions. We offer our clients custom structures for lease or purchase. We're very happy to have been recognized as the go-to source for these structures in the country."

The company was founded in 1998 by two men who were in the clear span tent industry. They saw a need for temporary warehouse structures in the country. With 36 years in combined experience, the men developed structures that are the cream of the crop when it comes to temporary warehouse and tent needs.

The company also aims to increase people's knowledge and understanding of portable warehouse structures. This is why they regularly release new educational blog posts on what these structures are and how they can be beneficial. In a recent blog post, for instance, they revealed the 10 main reasons as to why these structures can benefit, including the fact that they are low, flexible investments that offer a quick, healthy return.

One of the reasons why the company has been named #1 in the country for such structures, is because of the happiness and satisfaction their customers have expressed with the products and services they have received. "Siemens Energy and Automation was extremely impressed with the quality of the structure as well as your team's quality of workmanship and diligence to finish three days ahead of our planned schedule. For future projects of this nature, TWS will be Siemens Energy and Automation's first choice for consideration based on your quality of product, excellent response and reasonable costs. Again, please accept our thanks and appreciation to your team for a Job Well Done," Ron R. says on the company website.

For further information about portable lunch tents and other structures, people are encouraged to contact the company directly.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Temporary Warehouse:

Temporary Warehouse Structures was founded in 1998 with over 36 years of experience in the German clear span industry. No company in the U.S. was providing the ”industrial grade” clear span tent structure for the portable temporary warehouse market.

Contact Temporary Warehouse:

Jake Lytle
9450 Antoine Dr, Houston Texas 77086
(281) 489-7811

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