Mike Marko Publishes Post On How To Create A Linked In Profile

November 14, 2017
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Mike Marko set up IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, OH, with the aim of helping others be successful in building their online business. One way in which he achieves this, is by releasing regular information on various elements of online marketing. He is now happy to announce the publication of his latest blog post titled, 'How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That's Professional'.

"It is important to know how to create a profile in LinkedIn so it looks professional," says Mike Marko. "A fully optimized profile can help you or your business be more visible in Google Search. This allows you to be viewed more by employers or your business' potential customers."

In the blog post, Marko explains the key reasons why LinkedIn is such a good platform to advertise a business or an individual. However, this will only work if the LinkedIn profile is professionally designed. For this, Marko believes it should first of all be complete, providing all relevant information, including name, headline, URL, and profile photo. Next, he believes that background information should be included. Marko adds: "Your background information should start with a summary, followed by past experience, projects, education, skills and endorsements, connections, and groups."

Having a successful LinkedIn profile, according to the blog post, should also include working on getting recommendations, which are different from endorsements. The blog also offers some key tips and words of advice on how to get these recommendations. It also explains the importance of using hidden features to upgrade the LinkedIn profile by messaging unconnected people, exporting lists of connections, maintaining relationship notes, and having a showcase page.

IM Consultant Services offers a wealth of services to help people become successful online. These include SEO, website design, graphic design, social media marketing, email marketing, branding, online marketing funnels, paid advertising such as pay per click, press releases, and blog content writing. LinkedIn marketing is a key element in social media marketing, which is why the blog post also offers some key tips on how to optimize the profile once it has been completed. Finally, he offers other important advice in terms of when to use LinkedIn to make sure it has the greatest overall impact.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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