The Honeymoon Effect Meditation Shown To Be Highly Effective

November 13, 2017
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Tesch Coaching & Training, based in Bonn, Germany, is proud to announce that their guided meditation tools based on the honeymoon effect have been proven to be highly successful. These meditations have been designed to help people take stock of their lives, whether they are single or part of a couple. People have reported that they have noticed an increase in overall happiness in terms of their love life and personal life. More details are available through

Detlev Tesch, owner and founder of Tesch Coaching & Training, says: "The guided meditations have been inspired by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton's bestselling book 'The Honeymoon Effect - The science of creating Heaven on Earth'. Essentially, it aims to help you change your programming to allow you to experience heaven on earth."

The meditations are aimed to address the fact that around half of marriages in this country now end in divorce. At the same time, they have been found to be equally suitable for single individuals. Tesch feels that they can help them attract the perfect partner. Indeed, this is something that has already been reported on. Silvia K. from Germany, for instance, reported that just a few weeks after she started doing the meditation daily, she met her dream partner and they started a wonderful relationship full of love and harmony. The love relationship turned out to be like she had always dreamed of and wished for. This is believed to be due to meditation working on the brain when it is engaged in 'theta' activity.

"An effective way to change subconscious programming is to repeatedly feed the subconscious mind with desirable input while the brain is in the programmable theta state," adds Detlev Tesch. "You naturally enter this state as you fall asleep and as you awake. This meditation has been created specifically to be used at the time the brain is in a theta state of mind."

The meditation, as explained, is based on the Honeymoon Effect as described by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. What it aims to do is ensure that people can enjoy a lasting honeymoon effect, rather than one that lasts, at best, for only a few months. This can be achieved by partaking in regular meditation such as those provided in this program.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Detlev Tesch, owner of Tesch Coaching & Training, is an international speaker, coach, and trainer. He also works on stage with English speaking teachers as an interpreter for the German language.

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