Supplements For Dogs Now Available In Larger Size

November 13, 2017
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For Southern California company Zenapet, the goal has always been to create supplements for dogs that contain only natural ingredients that may help in boosting the dogs' immune systems. This culminated in the launch of their Immune Support product, which has been received positively by many pet owners. The company has now announced that after the continued success of the product, they have made it available in a larger 180 gram size. This was in response to numerous requests for a bigger size.

Spokesperson for Zenapet, Caren Collins, says: "We have small dog breeds ourselves and we created the product, initially, with those dogs in mind. However, a lot of our customers have larger breeds and requested that we make the product available in a larger size for their dogs. We have now accommodated their requests with a larger size."

The all natural dog supplement contains Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Spirulina, Beta-Glucan, and Trans Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed). These ingredients work in a synergetic manner and may help boost the dog's immune system. As such, they may help enhance heart health and detox from the various pollutants and toxins the dogs come in contact with on a daily basis. Those who have tried the supplement on their dogs have noted that it may help improve the health of their pets, with one even indicating that she believes it helped stop her elderly dog's seizures.

Caren Collins says: "We're really happy to have made it available in a larger size. One of our customers, who has a Rottweiler, found this of particular importance. The same is true for many of our other customers with larger dogs. They spoke and we listened, which is all part of our commitment to customer service."

Meanwhile, when it comes to supplements, dogs have sensitive digestive systems, Zenapet has ensured that they only use the highest quality, natural ingredients. Furthermore, the product is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. These are all issues that their customers are particularly conscious of to ensure that the product is safe and of high quality.

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