Supplements For Dogs Receive Rave Reviews

November 08, 2017
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Southern California company Zenapet offers all natural, holistic dog supplements. Many customers have stated that they found that these supplements seem to have benefited their dogs' immune system, in there fight against allergies and irritations. As such, the product is proving to be incredibly popular. The company is now proud to announce that the product has been receiving tons of good reviews and one review has recently named it as the 'best out of all dog supplements'.

"We are happy to see that many people have found that their dogs appear to have benefited from our supplement," says Caren Collins from Zenapet. "Our goal is to provide products that may help pets overcome their health problems. A dog is considered to be a member of the family and therefore deserves the best. Our supplements contain nothing but natural ingredients that may boost the dogs' immune system."

The Zenapet supplement contains naural ingredients for dogs. These include Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Spirulina, Beta-Glucan, and Trans Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed). These ingredients are said to work in synergy with each other. As such, they may help support the immune system and organ functions, provide strong antioxidants, detoxify, fight pathogens, increase stamina and energy, and support heart function. To ensure quality, the supplements are manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

In the most recent review, a customer has praised the product because it appears to have benefited a Golden Retriever. At 12 and a half years old, the dog had started to suffer from seizures. After using the product for some time, the owner observed that the dog seems to be much better. "I purchased the product and have been religiously giving the recommended amount to him each morning. Initially we saw no improvement but after a month, his overall condition did not deteriorate. Now, 4 months later, his seizures are smaller and more infrequent, his playfulness and appetite have dramatically improved, and he is not getting worse. He actually appears to be getting better. I can't prove that Zenapet did this but I highly suspect that it did...," says the Amazon customer.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that when it comes to supplements, dogs have sensitive stomachs and digestive systems, so it is important to only provide them with ingredients that they are able to manage properly. Thus, Zenapet's supplement contains only natural and gentle ingredients.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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