Mike Marko Releases Post On Customer Pain Points Analysis

October 23, 2017
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Mike Marko, who launched IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, to help other people set up their online businesses, releases regular information for clients and prospective clients about key elements of importance for having a successful online business. He has now announced the release of his latest blog post titled, 'Conducting an Effective Customer Pain Point Analysis'. This post is a continuation of his older posts on defining a target audience and creating their avatar.

"You must nail down what are the pain points of your customer," says Mike Marko himself. "Then you can really reach out and attract those who crave what you are selling: the people who really need your products and services in their lives. You can show them that your products solve a problem that's been nagging them for a long time."

In his new blog post on how to conduct an analysis of the customer pain points, Marko has also included an entire video to further explain what he means, providing people with a step by step visual guide. He believes it is about holding a conducive brainstorm session, during which expected pain points can be identified. From there, three top points should be chosen.

Marko also provides an overview of preparatory work that has to be done before the brainstorming session. That work is about gathering evidence and data of the available knowledge, such as customer impressions and sentiments. He also recommends delving quite deeply into the issues, using both popular and less popular search engines. Marko adds: "Besides entertainment, people consume all forms of media to improve their lives and to find solutions (or in other words, find cures for their pain points). Whether they have big issues or small, you'll gain insight into your customers by reading what they read, learning what they're trying to learn, and tailoring this information to your content, your products, and your services."

As part of IM Consultant Services, Mike Marko also offers a wealth of internet marketing services. These include social media marketing, online marketing funnels, email marketing, pay per click (PPC), website design, press releases, branding, and blog content writing.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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