Star Infinit Re-Launches Colored Pencils

November 07, 2017
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48 Piece Pencil SetStar Infiniti, is excited for the re-release of their 48 piece colored pencil set. The pencils are versatile and of high quality, making them suitable for adults and children alike. The set also comes with a number of extras, making it the perfect gift for budding artists.

A representative from Star Infiniti says: "We believe that art is a form of expression that should be nurtured from a young age. This is why we have released a colored pencil set, which includes a variety of extras to make coloring even more fun and entertaining. There are no rights and wrongs in art, and we simply want to empower people to find out just how good they are."

The coloring pencil set, as the representative mentioned, comes with a number of bonus items. These include a link to two e-coloring books, a sketch pad, and two paint brushes. In so doing, they ensure that even more people have the opportunity to create beautiful pictures. This is something that has been greatly appreciated by those who have purchased the set. "The addition of the sketching pad is a big bonus. I have a light-board and I needed a sketching pad. I was going to do a sketch and then come back and color it in. With this kit, I can outline the individual features with the pencil color that I am going to fill it in with...," says an Amazon customer.

Furthermore, people have particularly enjoyed the fact that the set comes with 48 different colors, which makes it a great tool for group drawing activities, as it means nobody has to wait for a particular color to become available because somebody else is using it. The carry case, which is also included with every purchase, is also highly popular. The representative adds: "We wanted to make sure that storing the pencils after use is as easy as using them in the first place. Our storage case, which also allows for easy carrying, is perfect for this."

It has been noted that the colored pencils set is proving to be a particularly popular gift item for the upcoming holidays..

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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