Colored Pencils Now Come With Convenient Carry Case

November 07, 2017
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colored pencil setStar Infiniti has recently replenished its stocks and one of the first products that they have re-released was their colored pencil set. They are now proud to announce that it has also been upgraded, and now includes a convenient carry case for travel.

"We know how many parents struggle to keep the pencils of their children in one place," says a representative from Star Infiniti. "This was why we decided to include a carry case with our pencil set, which ensures that all artists, regardless of age, can keep their pencils neat and organized and in one convenient location."

The coloring pencil set has only been made available on Amazon for a short time, but it is already attracting a lot of positive attention and is, in fact, flying off the shelves. The fact that it comes in the carry case, which also makes it much easier to see the different colors, is something that customers have been very happy with. In fact, one Amazon customer says: "I like seeing all of the colors laid out flat in front of me. I don't have to pull them out of a canister container to try to see the full color. Plus, I can organize them in any way I want..."

The coloring pencils are of a very high quality. They come in 48 different colors, and can be blended and mixed for unique effects and even more colors. They can be used by developed artists and beginners alike, and even by children. The pencils come pre-sharpened and are designed to be durable, so children won't snap them when exerting too much pressure.

The representative from Star Infiniti says: "We're so happy that so many more children will now be able to enjoy art. Because our pencils are durable, we know that kids will be able to use them and watch themselves improve, rather than getting frustrated because the pencils keep breaking and snapping."

The carry case, meanwhile, ensures that all of the colored pencils have their own place. It quickly folds shut for easy carrying and can therefore be taken along to different places as well. The set is proving to be a particularly popular holiday gift.

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