Hair Serums Can Effectively Protect Hair from Damage, Research Shows

October 09, 2017
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Perfect Hair Focus, the Irwindale, California based company has released new information regarding the benefits of using hair serums for better hair health as a part of their 2017 hair health awareness campaign.

Hair serums are silicon-based products that coat the surface of the hair without getting absorbed into the hair follicles, unlike hair oils which interfere with the structure of the hair. According to Allen Farrar, spokesperson at Perfect Hair Focus, “Hair serums have now become an essential part of any woman's hair care ritual. They can instantly improve the look and feel of dry, frizzy hair by making it smooth and shiny on the first application itself.”

Research shows that silicon, the third most abundant trace element in the human body, is often used in most hair care products due to its ability to decrease hair loss as well as increase its natural shine. When used in hair serums, the silicon-based formula prevents one's hair from getting tangled and protects the hair from pollution as well as humidity. Also, when combined with other ingredients such as organic coconut oil, hair serums can act as an instant pick me ups for bad hair days.

Coconut oil, which has an SPF factor of 7, is also often used in hair serums as it is one of the most effective oils that can protect one's hair from UV ray damage. It acts as a natural moisturizer and can effectively remove and prevent dandruff due to its medium-chain fatty acids that disrupt any fungal or bacterial growth.

Perfect Hair Focus has launched a new range of haircare products that uses the goodness of natural ingredients to protect hair from damage, promote hair growth along with keeping frizzy hair in control. These products are made in the United States and have been scientifically developed to provide the best possible care for all kinds of hair including damaged, colored and weak hair suffering from hair loss. Their product line, which includes a coconut hair serum is available for review at their Amazon storefront.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Perfect Hair Focus:

Perfect Hair Focus is a brand owned by Unico Enterprises, an Irwindale, CA-based company dedicated to providing premium beauty and grooming products.

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Allen Farrar
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