Toenail Fungal Infections On The Rise

October 10, 2017
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Perfect Nail Solution, a business in Irwindale, CA, has noted a significant rise in the occurrence of various kinds of foot ailments like athlete's foot and fungal infections. The company has also pointed out that it seems that fungal infections, such as athlete's foot and toe nail infection, are caused by people not wearing socks just for the sake of fashion. Meanwhile, these infections are becoming increasingly resistant to conventional treatments. The company has a natural solution for such fungal infections, and this is currently available on Amazon.

Allen Farrar from the Perfect Nail Solution says: "We have been particularly concerned about the fact that people now seem to forego socks because that is fashionable. However, it is causing a variety of fungal infections and these are becoming harder and harder to properly treat, not in the least because people keep re-infecting themselves. We have an effective product in stock, which uses natural ingredients to resolve these infections. But we must encourage people to start wearing socks as well."

The yellow toenail treatment developed by the Perfect Nail Solution is a simple two step process. The company explains that it starts with relaxing the feet in a soak, to which 1 ml of the solution is added. The soak includes oregano, lemon, lavender, and olive oil, leaving the feet feeling soft and smelling wonderful after just five minutes. The second step is the topical solution included in the package, which contains almond, sunflower, tea tree, sesame, and jojoba oil. The company points out that this will get to work on removing the infection.

"We have included nothing but natural ingredients in our solution," adds Allen Farrar. "They are also all proven to be effective in the treatment and removal of nail fungus, while at the same time preventing recurrence. The ingredients have antibacterial and antifungal properties and work on nail repair, athlete's foot, skin infections, and more. It can also be used on toes and fingers alike."

The green nail treatment product has proven to be very popular, currently ranking as a 4.4 star item on Amazon after 278 reviews. People hail its effectiveness, ease of use, and natural ingredients. Mainly, however, people have praised the relief that they have experienced as a result of using the product.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Perfect Nail Solution:

Perfect Nail Solution is a brand owned by Unico Enterprises, a Irwindale, CA-based company dedicated to providing premium beauty and grooming products.

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