Maria Serbina Interviewed CargoGlide CEO, Brad Harrell, About CargoGlide Models Now Available For Nissan Commercial Vehicles

June 24, 2015
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Maria Serbina, Celebrity Business Strategist & Social Influence Online Expert, has announced that she interviewed Brad Harrell, CEO of the company CargoGlide, on their models now available for a Nissan Commercial Vehicles. The interview was broadcasted live for viewers on Google Hangout, on June 5, 2015.

The main focus of the interview was on the models of tour awareness in the truck bed trays that can be fitted to Nissan vehicles, especially commercial ones. CargoGlide, which is considered the leader in truck bed trays manufacturing, said that they had established a relationship with Nissan Corporation, more specifically with the Nissan commercial fleet. This is good news for many Nissan owners, as it is easier to find and buy one of the truck bed trays for the vehicles by going directly to Nissan's website. Brad believes that it will not only increase sales but also "our awareness in the marketplace." He made the following statement in the interview regarding this business relationship,

"'s for commercial applications or fleet applications for their commercial van side of the organization, it's the commercial fleet part of Nissan and that relationship was setup back in 2014 at a trade show...We met several of the, well the Vice President of Commercial Sales for fleet vehicles, specifically Van Sales at a trade show and they started asking us about our product, and one discussion led to three or four more and finally they approached us and said this is something we would like to have at our store levels, for our stores and that's where it started..."

Brad stated that this relationship provides Nissan's customers the ability to easily find various types of up-fits for their vehicles. For example, one type of cargo tray would slide out the back doors and out the side doors, where another would slide out as a hanging rail, which is perfect for those who are in the dry-cleaning business. He added that they also have applications that can be bolted to the sidewall of the vehicle to help people display boards.

In the interview, Brad also touched on the topic of how their truck bed trays have helped greatly in State, local and county vehicles. I.e., bed slides and truck slides have been seen on fire trucks and police cars, which are especially helpful for women that need to, operate in extreme situations, especially when their truck is loaded with heavy objects. Brad made the following statement as well,

"...there are so many market places where it is not just men utilizing trucks or vans or utility vehicles, women are there in BLM and National Force Service, they work for Public Works Department in the cities. Parks and Recs departments, for city governments, state, local, county vehicles that are being used, it's not just for men, we have women that use our products constantly. Airlines use our product, the Postal service uses our product, so it's not just for burly men."

The interview provided some great insight to the latest models from CargoGlide, as well as the special relationship that they have developed with Nissan Corporation. For those who would like to hear the full interview, please visit the following URL:

About CargoGlide

CargoGlide is the leading manufacturer of truck cargo slides, truck slide out trays and accessories. The company’s mission statement states,” CargoGlide cultivates and fosters a work environment. The Company makes things happen with regards to company’s products progress, improvements in features, functions and customer satisfaction.” CargoGlide is made in America with legal American hands, backs and intelligence.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About CargoGlide:

CargoGlide is the leading manufacturer of truck cargo slides, truck slide out trays and accessories.

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