Mike Marko Publishes Post About Building Business On Instagram

September 15, 2017
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When Mike Marko founded IM Consultant Services, he set himself the goal of helping people build successful online businesses. To achieve this, he developed a number of key services, including marketing through social media, PPC, website design, online marketing funnels, press releases, blog content writing, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and branding. He also offers full training so that people can gain a greater understanding of the different elements involved in online marketing. Additionally, he regularly writes new blog posts on key areas of importance. He has now published a new blog post title, "5 Certified Tips in Building Business on Instagram".

Marko says: "With the rise in popularity of social media, it has become a must for businesses (both big and small) to make their presence known in the various platforms and grow their brand. This particular social media platform is one of the most exciting social media channels for brands to be present on. Known for being a photo- and video-centric platform, it has leveraged on its visually appealing content to capture both consumers and businesses alike. In fact, studies have shown higher engagement rate for brands as compared to other social media platforms."

What Mike Marko highlights is that simply having a presence on Instagram isn't enough to benefit from it. Rather, it is vital that people also use it appropriately. This is what his five tips delve into, giving online marketers an insight on how to use the platform to their advantage. These tips are: introducing a business to everyone, forming partnerships, making shareable personal contents, interaction and engagement, and building a community.

He adds: "While social media has become known for being a tool for success for brands, it's easy to falter in your goals if you do not use it appropriately. If you put a carefully constructed strategy in place to publish shareable content regularly, engage with your customers and develop a partnership with influencers, then you are closer to realizing success with Instagram."

Those interested in further information on social media marketing or any of the other services IM Consultant Services provides, are encouraged to contact Mike Marko for further information.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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