Markus Heitkoetter Gets Traders Back On Track After Holidays With Options Trading and More On Coffee with Markus

September 07, 2017
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After the long weekend, Markus Heitkoetter helps us get back on track with fresh optimism to make more and more money from trading. He dedicated today’s show to open Q&A and the questions were revealing.

Obviously, before starting trading, every wise trader looks at the economic calendar and market activity to gauge the market trends and catch the investment opportunity, if any arises.

Markus Heitkoetter, the founder and CEO of Rockwell Trading, closely looked at different indices, including e-mini S&P. He thinks there are no major events for today that could swing the market. Markus always prefers to look at the energy markets, as oil & gas prices usually have a major impact on different sectors and commodities.

The rally of 3% in crude oil on Tuesday morning was the result of growth in demand, thanks to improving demand from Texas refiners that are resuming their operations after the Hurricane, Markus says.

Markus received several interesting questions from his followers and he tried to answer as many as he could. "Can I use PowerX Analyzer with specific broker account or I can use it with any broker account, asked by one of his followers?" was brought up. Briefly answering the question, Markus said, "You can use PowerX Analyzer with any broker account." He further elaborated that PowerX Analyzer is build to help traders to get trade ideas and signals.

Richard also asked an interesting question. He asked why there is no binary trading signal today in PowerX Analyzer. The day after the major holiday, the markets are rather undecided and PowerX Analyzer takes time to see the market trends and allows the binary options to come back on track, Markus says.

Markus also answered numerous other questions related to the use of PowerX Analyzer and trading signals. At the end of the show, he explained how to place options order on audience request. Listeners can get these insights on the market for themselves live at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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