Dr. Miinala Marketing Offers Free Doctor Reputation Report

September 06, 2017
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Dr. Miinala Marketing is an internet marketing company in Mercer, PA, that has developed key services to help local businesses manage their online reputation and thereby boost their sales and profits. The company aims to assist businesses in different niches and they have now announced that their free report, which shows prospective clients their current online reputation, is now available for doctors offices.

Dr. Miinala herself says: "We want to take a personalized approach for each of our clients. This is why we specialize in local reputation marketing, and why we have different packages for different niches. We originally started these services for law firms and other legal professionals, but we have since expanded into a variety of other niches, which now include doctors. We encourage chiropractors to contact us to get their free report."

Having expanded the different niches that the company works with, Dr. Miinala Marketing has also launched a social media campaign to encourage existing and prospective clients to remain up to date with new developments, share their own experiences, ask questions, and essentially form a community. On the company's Facebook page, a wealth of information on different marketing tactics and online reputation management tools have been made available.

"We look at important issues, such as gathering more positive reviews, using location pages, and the different forms of marketing," adds Dr. Miinala. "These include blogging, email marketing, and social marketing. These are all key features needed by anyone who wants to make sure their business is not just found online, but that it is presented in a positive light as well. This is particularly important for doctors, who rely heavily on word of mouth and patients' reviews to attract new patients to their clinics."

Dr. Miinala's particular background and experience are fully highlighted on her LinkedIn page. This demonstrates where she received her experience, and why she is so passionate about the world of online marketing. She has created the free report herself and it is available not just for free but also no obligation. All doctors are encouraged to request for it so that they will know where they stand in terms of online reputation.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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