Big Sky Products Releases New Tips on the Best Ways of Keeping Technology Products Clean While Traveling

September 05, 2017
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Fort Mayers, Florida: Big Sky Products LLC has released new information regarding the different ways in which electronic gadgets can be kept clean and free of germs and bacterias while one is traveling.

According to Andrew Ried, a spokesperson for Big Sky Products, "We often don't realize exactly how many pathogens we expose ourselves to when we use public transportation. Needless to say, It is very easy to pick up nasty germs and bacterias while traveling, especially when one's constantly using their phone or tablet."

The primary step in keeping electronic items clean is to carry around travel wipes that have been built specifically for cleaning electronic products. These wipes are often pre-moistened and posess anti-bacterial properties that can kill germs before they spread, particularly when no other option is available whilst one is traveling.

The wipes should be individually packed to make them compact enough to easily fit into any pocket, handbag or briefcase. Ideally, the moisture content in these anti-bacterial wipes should be low, so as to be safe in cleaning a device. Furthermore, these packs are resealable thus ensuring that the wipes don't dry out before use.

Other ways in which gadgets can be kept clean while traveling is by ensuring that they are covered - laptops should have laptop sleeves and mobile phones should have sturdy mobile phone covers. If there is no natural cleaning product at hand, a plain piece of cloth should be carried for seperately dealing with electronic items. Care should be taken to ensure that devices are not used while eating as well as going to the washroom as that can increases the dirt and bacteria exposure for these items by 10 folds.

Big Sky Products LLC has launched its own line of electronic wipes that provide a smooth, lint-free surface for any item it is used to clean. It can be purchased off their official Amazon storefront.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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