Top Powerlifter Endorses Rip Toned Fitness Lifting Gloves

September 06, 2017
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Rip Toned Fitness has announced top powerlifter Kevin Weiss has recently endorsed the company's lifting gloves. The company explained the gloves have been designed to provide a better grip, helping weightlifters to avoid injury when lifting.

"Many weightlifters feel the gloves help them keep a better hold on the weight as they lift," says Mark Pasay with Rip Toned Fitness. "This allows them to use heavier weights. Weight lifting gloves prevent calluses and blisters without compromising the grip."

Pasay says this also relieves pressure and allows different movements without limitations. The weightlifting gloves marketed by the company offer wrist support and help to increase lift since weight is distributed. It is not surprising therefore the gloves recently caught the attention of Top Powerlifter Kevin Weiss who has since endorsed the product, stating the gloves offer a wide range of benefits.

Weiss says, "These quality gloves are easy to put on and will help protect your hands and wrist for a long time. Every exercise is going to put different demands on your hands and wrists. Whether you are pressing, pulling or supporting the weight, you need protection that's going to hold up over time."

Pasay states the lifting gloves are made from the highest quality of goat leather to offer more power when lifting as well as overall comfort. He points out the gloves are a good choice for weightlifters as well as bodybuilders and overall fitness enthusiasts. They are the only gloves that have been endorsed by Weiss and have been featured on a number of popular networks including CBS, NBC and ABC.

The Rip Toned lifting gloves can be purchased through the Amazon marketplace and the company states they offer safety when lifting so there are less worries of dropping weights or overloading wrists, which can lead to serious injuries. Pasay says customers offering feedback on the gloves claim they make lifting much easier and less worrisome. Those who are interested can learn more about the company online or visit the Amazon marketplace seller's page for a list of all of the products that they have to offer.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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