Gain a Sense of Purpose and Get Better Sleep, Study Says

August 08, 2017
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Calgary, Canada: As a part of its 2017 awareness campaign on insomnia, its causes and available treatments, Nutriden Inc., a company that creates high-quality nutritional supplements, has outlined the impact of a strong sense of purpose and motivation on sleep.

A new study published in the Sleep Science and Practice Journal in July 2017 has discovered that people with a strong sense of purpose enjoy a full night's sleep, even as they get older. The study looked at 800 research participants between the ages of 60 and 100 years - individuals who felt they had 'a strong purpose in life' and found that they suffered from less insomnia and sleep disturbances as compared to those who lacked a strong sense of purpose in life.

Tom Schumlich, Head of Nutriden Inc. says, "A lot of our problems are mental in nature. Thus it is no surprise that a sharper sense of what we want can help us achieve more, relax more and thereby provide us with better sleep." According to Jason Ong, a neurologist who was the head researcher of this study, helping people find their purpose in life can help them to get healthy sleep at night, thus keeping them from having to take sleep aids.

The participants answered questions on both their sleep quality and what motivates them in life. According to the research findings, people who felt their lives had a sense of meaning were 63% less likely to develop sleep apnea and had 52% fewer occurrences of restless leg syndrome, as compared to those participants who felt despondent about their life. These findings are globally applicable as more than half of its participants were African American and over 77% were female.

It is clear that strong emotional and mental health has a positive influence on one's quality of sleep. This study has given further impetus for developing mindfulness based therapies that can replace drug intervention as a form of treatment. To learn more about insomnia and other sleep related issues, visit Nutriden Inc.'s official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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