F-86 Sabre Flies Again, as Art for Home, Office, FBO or Restaurant.

July 19, 2017
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Randy Woodcock of Flight Level Furnishings is an airplane aficionado and a craftsman of fine furniture for high-end home and office environments.

This combination of passions drove his latest project - an eye-catching TV console replicating part of the iconic F-86 Sabre. This FBOs, executive terminals, aviation-themed restaurants and other environments.

Vintage aviation Furniture - F-86 Sabre Console

The console is built near a 1:1 scale, handcrafted from 1/16” aluminum, and includes authentic details like the paint, stenciling, seaming, and even rivet marks that stand up to the closest inspection, and draws attention to a flat television screen (or computer monitor) that can display advertising, weather, menus, or other information.

The F-86 Console is one of many unique pieces available for purchase or lease through Flight Level Furnishings. Woodcock provides custom consultations to architects, interior designers, commercial facilities managers, and homeowners to guide them through the creation of aviation or nostalgia-based atmosphere with high-end furnishings for lease or purchase.

While it would be an excellent addition to the home of an aviation buff, it would be equally ideal in an office, FBO, lobby or restaurant.

“We recommend that all of our clients incorporate video advertising into their brick and mortar establishments,” said aviation marketing consultant Paula Williams of ABCI. “FBOs can include advertising with helpful information such as local weather and amenities, while unobtrusively presenting other services that might be useful to guests, such as the availability of ground transportation, concierge services or menu suggestions from a restaurant. The typical solution (having screens everywhere) can make an interior design look too modern, cold and generic. This console provides an aesthetic solution – it draws attention to your message while bringing a lot of character to the space. It’s a great investment as an art piece that is incredibly functional and iconic for the amount of space it uses.”

Woodcock explains his selection of the F-86 for his first iteration of this concept. “This plane, in particular, brings a sense of nostalgia and unique American excellence into any environment, while incorporating and, literally enclosing, something as commonplace and potentially sterile as a flat screen television.”

The Legend of the F-86

“I have always been attracted to the distinctive look of this aircraft,” said Woodcock. “I caught the aviation bug at an early age raised in the air force and have spent a lot of time around military aircraft, airshows, and warbird events. And I can recall seeing the F-86 in old movies like SabreJet, The Hunters, and in a 1981 movie called The Last Chase starring Lee Majors. It’s an iconic, legendary fighter that represents an era so well.”

"The F-86 was designed and initially built by North American Aviation for the U.S. Navy, with its first flight in 1947. It was the first American aircraft to use a thin swept wing design for greater speed.

"The F-86A set its first official world speed record of 671 miles per hour (1,080 km/h) on September 15, 1948 at Muroc Dry Lake flown by Major Richard L. Johnson, USAF.

"The Air Force announced that the XF-86 had exceeded Mach 1 in a dive on April 26, 1948. But shortly before his death in 1996, North American aerodynamicist Ed Horkey claimed that George "Wheaties" Welch had exceeded Mach 1 much earlier. In "Aces Wild," former NA test pilot Al Blackburn suggests dates as soon as October 1, 1947. Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier on 14 October 1947 in the rocket-propelled Bell X-1 during level flight, making it the first true supersonic aircraft. Five years later, on 18 May 1953, Jacqueline Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier, flying a "one-off" Canadian-built F-86 Sabre Mk 3, alongside Chuck Yeager. Col. K. K. Compton won the 1951 Bendix air race in an F-86A with an average speed of 553.76 mph."

- From Wikipedia

While pilots and aviation history aficionados may argue dates and records, they agree that the F-86 was fast.

The F-86 saw service during the Korean War and Cold War as a response to the Russian MiG-15.

The design and construction process are oulined on the company's website at FlightLevelFurnishings.com

Acquiring Flight Level Furnishings

Custom, handmade furnishings are available for many different needs and budgets. The first step is to arrange a free consultation with Flight Level Furnishings to discuss the space, clientele, needs, and budget. Some pieces are immediately available for lease or purchase, some may require customization, and some are limited releases. Some handmade pieces, such as the Flight Level Signature Desk, are available by position order only.

The F-86 Console is quite versatile and can be adapted to the size and needs of the space. A consultation with the facilities manager may be required to coordinate mounting and wiring options.

About Flight Level Furnishings

Randy Woodcock of Flight Level Furnishings creates fine furniture pieces that combine wood, metal, glass, and colors for home, office or commercial décor. A passion for aviation, craftsmanship, and architectural finishing is included in each design. Flight Level Furnishings is located in Montgomery, Texas, and can be reached at 281-639-6397, online at FlightLevelFurnishings.com, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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