Customer Lists Can Now Be Grouped By SKU In ManageByStats

July 12, 2017
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The CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen, reports that their generate report function for customers now includes the ability to group customers by SKU. Until now customer lists could be created using a variety of criteria, including the SKU, but those lists were restricted to individual lists of the specified SKU or SKUs. Now reports can be generated that contain all customers meeting a given criteria, with a column for SKU which can be used to sort the list.

“We’re now adding this ability to our already robust customer report generation tool,” says Mister Jepsen. “Over the last few months we’ve fleshed this out with more and more options for creating customer lists, including the recent addition of our Facebook list generation. With this new option you can create a single list that shows which SKUs the customer purchased.”

ManageByStats has an extensive customer section with solutions for Amazon sellers when working with their Amazon customer lists, providing options for building lists based on SKUs, status, such as reviews, whether or not the customer refunded and other criteria, date of purchase, how much they spent and other selections. Users can also geo analyze customer history for purchase data, easily view repeat buyers, and get all info on their customers, including full name, order history, address, phone numbers and even real email address.

“Seeing which SKU the customer purchased in a single list allows you to do some additional sorting you couldn’t do before,” says Mister Jepsen. “Now, with this new option, you get a SKU column which will allow you to see quickly and easily which product they’re purchased.”

The new SKU Grouping option has been released and is available in ManageByStats under Customers and Generate Report. For more details, or for info on the program itself, please visit the company's website. If interested parties have further questions, the company may be contacted directly by email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About ManageByStats: is a software platform built by Amazon Sellers, for Amazon Sellers, to provide functions not provided well by Amazon or other services, including product sales performance graphs displayed by Brand, Product Line and individual Products.

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