Commission Bullseye Ensures Global Compliance and Comes with Bonus from Mastery PR

July 01, 2017
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Properly manage email subscriber lists in any country with WordPress plug-in.

Cindy Donovan, the veteran web developer, and marketer, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Commission Bullseye on July 1, 2017. Anyone who has been in business online for a while knows the benefits of targeted marketing, and those who are new to the industry pick this up quickly. This operates on the basic premise of sales rise when products or services are tailored to the audience viewing marketing materials. A major factor that defines a target audience is the country in which that audience resides. Just as marketers deliver advertisements in the same language as their viewers, they must embrace cultural values and legal systems of viewers as well.

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One legal issue on the horizon is the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), which goes into effect on July 1st. It is no coincidence that this is the same date as Commission Bullseye's release. What this law dictates is that website managers only add Canadian subscribers to email lists using a double-acceptance method. That way, Canadians are less likely to subscribe to email notifications or blogs on accident, reducing the spam in inboxes. While web developers could use this double option subscription method across the global board to ensure being legally compliant in Canada, the Commission Bullseye tool configures how a website is displayed based on location, so non-Canadians do not have to accept a subscription twice.

This WordPress plug-in protects WordPress site owners from incurring hefty fines and legal hassles from Canada while not affecting subscriber rates from other countries. While Commission Bullseye address issues culminating from CASL, it has far more applications. The design enables businesses and entrepreneurs to display a website differently based on location without having to buy up multiple domains. "Making sales becomes a lot easier when the sales message lines up with what people are wanting to buy, in a way that makes sense to them," explains Commission Bullseye creator Cindy Donovan. Users can customize how their sites appear based on local holidays, weather, or regional dialect.

Commission Bullseye sets up easily via its step-by-step wizard installation tool and allows users to reference multiple Amazon seller accounts simultaneously on the same site. This way, WordPress users aren't limited to a single product or niche. As an additional bonus, Ms. Donovan has configured the tool to upgrade with a single click. Donovan is also offering the purchase of Commission Bullseye with a 30-day, money-back guarantee at $19.97. To learn more or make a purchase, visit

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