Businesses Get Bonus Ranking Boost from Crowd Search Me

June 26, 2017
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Marketing tool increases websites’ rankings in search engines like Google.

Dan Anton, veteran web tool developer, is pleased to announce his latest product, Crowd Search Me, has far outshined his expectations since its release at the start of 2015. In honor of the winning performance that frequently moves websites from in-the-weeds rankings to top positions, Anton is including bonus Twitter retweets and favorites for clients, which helps to increase business’ exposure further.

crowd search me.

After Dan Anton was wounded in the military, he set out to explore other avenues of income. He had an enthusiasm for web marketing and development and made it a mission to learn everything he could about the industry. While search-engine optimization (SEO) was changing, Anton was able to identify factors that continued to affect search engine rankings. Two of those main factors were click-through and bounce rates. So, he developed an algorithm that can be simply expressed as High Click-Through + Low Bounce Rate = High Search Engine Ranking. While that may seem overly simplistic, the results of this algorithm and the unique structure of the Crowd Search Me system are anything but small. For instance, a client recently saw its business’ rank move from #58 to #1 overnight.

The way the Crowd Search Me system works is customizable to a business’ needs and budget, with package prices starting at $27. It all starts when a Crowd Search Me client enters a target keyword into the system. From there, SmartRank analyzes how the client’s site has been performing and calculates how long it will likely take to boost that site to single-digit ranking. That gives the client the information needed to decide on pricing package because the amount of organic click-throughs relies on the number of credits the client buys. Essentially, the client hires real people to search for the designated keyword and go to the client’s website and linger. This is far different from the behavior of a bot, and it shows in search engine rankings.

The marketing copy for the system boasts, "Rank your websites using Organic Crowd Search from thousands of real people in just a few clicks." While that sounds great, the reality is even greater. There are over 200,000 real people in the Crowd Search Me network, which provides a lot of click-through and bounce rate power. That is the secret of the tool’s success – harnessing the power of a crowd of real people with real behaviors. Search engines like Google can detect when computer programs attempt to skew numbers, and this tool works with the system to gain results.

To make Crowd Search Me even more attractive, it is ultra-easy to use. All a client needs to do is type in a keyword and a URL, and the crowd does all the legwork. This system is completely Google safe and private. More information on Crowd Search Me and the opportunity to purchase can be found at

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