Dr. Kevin Fleming Discusses How Understanding The Brain Helps With Internal Communication

June 16, 2017
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Grey Matters International Inc., a global neuroscience-based consulting and advisory firm based in Tulsa, OK, is proud to announce that a recent article has been published featuring Dr. Kevin Fleming, a neuroscience-based change agent and founder of Grey Matters, entitled 'How Truly Understanding the Brain Helps Internal Comms'. The recent article delves deeper into communication neuroscience, Dr. Fleming's area of expertise.

Dr. Kevin Fleming himself says: "The relationship between internal communications and neuroscience is multi-faceted. It truly influences all parts of the information processing chain between sender and receiver."

One of the key things that Dr. Fleming and other contributors looked at in the article is how changes in the workplace are so difficult to accept for many. Yet, in order for businesses to remain relevant and competitive, their workforce must learn to embrace change. The problem is that the brain is naturally resistant to unpredictability and uncertainty, which is what makes this so difficult.

Dr. Fleming feels that employers can address this issue by taking a neuro-scientific approach. He explains: "It is best to start with humility. Most of our problems in solving this lies in ego and self-deceit: our addiction to superficial knowing of things versus cultivating a deep understanding of things. Neuroscience also plays a big part in our decisions towards wellness, setting boundaries, and self-care. Just exercise alone does do wonders to the increase of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), a protein that helps maintain healthy neurons and creating new ones."

For Dr. Fleming, internal communication can be improved through both personal coaching and team building, but not to do that using the traditional approach, but rather through a neuro-scientific approach. He ends: "Coaching and team building can be a waste of time and money when we are truly running on past trauma patterns that are immune to rational influence. The more we improve with neuroscience innovations around the world of mental health the better we will get at aligning internal motivations/desires/affections with 'optimal performance'."

Dr. Fleming is considered to be one of the pioneers in providing life-change solutions. An array of services offered by Grey Matters International are focused on enhancing executive wellness by offering solutions to burnout issues, sleep disorders, anxiety, brain and mood disorders, and others.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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