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June 12, 2017
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Manage eight social media sites from one place and get bonus features.

It is no secret that social media is powerful. For instance, 22% of people in the entire world have Facebook accounts, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. New social media platforms crop up all the time. Consequently, it is in entrepreneurs' best interests to stay on top of the social media game to maximize exposure for products or services. Bleupage Pro, touted as the world's first 8-in-1 social media management tool meets this need. In honor of its recent release, its developer, Lance Robinson, is pleased to offer bonus features with purchase.

Online marketers can use Bleupage Pro to manage unlimited accounts on eight of the most popular social media platforms - Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube. Entrepreneurs simply create one message using Bleupage Pro's easy-to-learn interface, and it can create posts for each of those eight platforms. This ultimately saves marketers a small fortune in labor while getting the desired message about products or services out to more potential customers. While there are other social media management tools on the market, Bleupage Pro is so simple to understand that the greatest technophobe can look like an online marketing pro in a matter of minutes.

From the Bleupage Pro interface, users can choose a post design and even utilize one of the millions of HD vector photos available. The software configures that post for multiple social media platforms, so it looks right on every chosen site, whether it's Facebook or Twitter. Users can schedule the messages they design to post at peak times, so the target audience is most likely to view the information. This results in greater conversions, a more prominent brand image, and profits.

Prominent companies like AT&T and Virgin Mobile harness the power of multiple social media platforms. The difference between those companies and an entrepreneur beginning to forge a path is resources. AT&T, for instance, can afford to pay marketing professionals to run campaigns, but small businesses can advertise like big businesses with a tool like Bleupage Pro. As Robinson notes, "An engaged audience turns into leads and ultimately sales. People expect you to be active on social media, and now you can, without hiring a social media manager or spending countless hours managing all of your social media accounts. Bleupage Pro is like having your very own team of expert-level, in-house social media marketers."

Another big benefit of the Bleupage Pro software is how it is sold as monthly, annual or lifetime purchase. After paying the lowest price of $47, users can create unlimited posts on an unlimited number of social media accounts. Bleupage Pro also comes with the bonus feature of in-depth analytical data to improve existing and future advertising campaigns based on past and present performance. It also helps users build email lists to reach potential customers off of social media. To learn more or make a purchase, visit

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