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June 01, 2017
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Tool monitors search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and produces detailed reports.

The developers of Pro Rank Tracker are happy to announce its SEO tracker also produces in-depth reports. Pro Rank Tracker enables businesses to see how websites rank in search engine results based on targeted keywords, which is a powerful insight to make tweaks for optimal performance. After all, it does a business little good to offer a valuable product or service if those in need cannot find that business’ information in the first page or two of results. If searchers must wade through countless pages of results to locate that business, there is far greater likelihood of choosing a higher-ranking competitor or simply giving up.

While there are numerous SEO trackers available, Pro Rank Tracker reportedly boasts more features than any other. The fact that Pro Rank Tracker is cloud-based gives users the flexibility to use it from anywhere. When there is not a tablet or PC available, the mobile app lets users see how websites are performing right from a smartphone. It is also possible to print out ranking reports through the mobile app and works well with virtually any iPhone or Android. A complimentary app, MyRanks, is just for sharing Pro Rank Tracker reports with clients and colleagues.

Pro Rank Tracker uses a specialized algorithm to produce ultra-accurate results, and this has gained the ranking tool respect from corporate and individual users throughout the world. Keeping the tool up to date is fuss-free because it automatically installs updates on a daily basis. If there is a need for more frequent updating, it is simple to perform a manual one on demand. The number of manual updates depends on user purchase plan, so it can be tailored to fit individual needs.

“Pro Rank Tracker will show the most accurate ranks for a website, with options for a specific time frame,” says a representative. “Pro Rank Tracker is the premier rank-tracking software for businesses.” There are many other custom reporting features, such as adding a personalized logo and adding password protection. In fact, the built-in security features to Pro Rank Tracker have greatly contributed to its success. The makers guarantee data privacy and do not require proxy servers to function, which could open users up to hacks. The 24/7 support can further help with security issues and help troubleshoot technical problems as well.

Pro Rank Tracker can produce reports in 11 languages - English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. The developers offer a variety of pricing plans to meet any size of business’ needs, starting at $19 a month. For those who aren’t ready to commit to a purchase, there is limited free trial available to see if Pro Rank Tracker is a good fit. To learn more or make a purchase, interested parties can refer to

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