Australia Hover Boards Dealer Celebrates First Anniversary in a Product Showcasing Ceremony

May 19, 2017
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Australia’s leading hoverboards dealer,, recently celebrated their anniversary selling entertainment products by showcasing new safety guaranteed hoverboards and skateboards released this year.

“Our theme for this year’s ceremony was all about hoverboards. There are new models released in the market in 2017, and we wanted to be the first to showcase them to our customers and to everyone who attended the event,” Nirmal Pandya, the company spokesperson said.

In an event held at the company’s main offices in Perth, the company showcased new releases of Bluetooth Skate boards, self-balancing hoverboards and normal skateboards. The company gave much attention to local skateboards, most of which depicted a lot of creativity. According to Pandya, most of the products displayed at the event this year came from local manufacturers who had top of the line standard skateboards and hoverboards. However, international hoverboards were also displayed at the event. Pandya praised the technology and creativity that had been put into designing and engineering the entertainment devices.

“This year we have seen much improvement from our local manufacturers. There has been a lot of creativity among the skateboard from Australian manufacturers, and we recommend them a lot. However, international brands still lead the way when it comes to designing exceptionally attractive devices. Some of the hoverboards we just brought in have already sold out, mostly because of their designs and advanced technological features alone,” Pandya says.

Since hoverboards gained popularity in the US not so long ago, their market of Australia Hoverboards has grown tremendously. According to a study in a Melbourne college, electrical powered hoverboards grew in popularity among teens in Australia last year at a much faster rate than skateboards have ever grown. The study however noted that hoverboards have not been growing at the same rate. In the better part of last year, hoverboards were much popular among teens than smart phones. However, their popularity decreased steadily toward the end of 2016 and the start of this year.

According to Troy Clarkson, the spokesperson at, the popularity of hoverboards and skateboards is still high in Australia.

“Although their limelight has reduced significantly this year, hoverboards are very popular. Teens and people in their twenties love skating, and they are keen to shop for safe and technologically advanced skateboards,” Troy says.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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