New Website Launches Campaign Encouraging People to Have Enough Sleep

May 19, 2017
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email, has launched an online program that hopes to encourage people to have enough sleep. The three month campaign is targeted at middle aged working people whom research have found to develop sleep related problems in later years.

“One of the biggest concerns we try to avert while making our mattresses is anything that could aggravate back pains to our customers. We have been successful at it. However we now want to encourage people to have enough sleep. We want people to learn the benefits of sleeping for at least eight hours-both the immediate benefits and the benefits it could have to them in their later years,” Soby Edwards, the website owner says while doing Sleep Science mattress review.

Numerous studies in recent years have also advocated people to have enough sleep. According to one study for instance, not sleeping enough could have as serious consequences as having excess alcohol levels in your body. The 2010 research notes that someone who has not slept for over 48 hours can often experience effects such as: memory impairment, poor judgment and a decline in hand-eye coordination.

According to Edwards, however, their campaign will be promoted on the basis of helping people learn the short term benefits good sleep provides to the body. Tom says that a recent research at his organization helped them realize that people improves in productiveness the more they have better sleep. The research also noted a decline in productivity among people who had not slept for hours or days.

“Sleeping for at least eight hours a day is good for the body, both at present and in the future. For the middle aged working class especially, having enough sleep can tremendously improve a person’s productivity. Good sleep keeps your brain active. It also relaxes your muscles, and helps you work productively even when you feel stressed by a work project,” Tom says.

The campaign by is scheduled to be promoted online through the company’s website and social media networks. According to the company’s spokesperson, Mark Shaw, the campaign mainly targeted at middle aged working class but will also be passed across to reach to everyone else. Mark notes that good sleep is beneficial to everyone irrespective of their age. He says that good sleep is particularly helpful to growing children, although most parents forget that they also deserve to sleep well.

“We want our campaign to spread fast, which is why we are using our online platforms as the main campaigning tools. Our main targets here are middle aged working class, because they are a group often neglected in many campaigns like this. Most parents only emphasize good sleep to their children, but they often forget to sleep enough,” Mark says.

Besides advocating for enough sleep, also plans to educate people on the importance of buying good quality Sleep Science line of mattresses and beds.

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