SmartVideo Wows Marketers with Bonus Features on Release from Mastery PR

May 18, 2017
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Application personalizes videos to spice up online marketing campaigns and comes with bonuses.

Online marketers with time in the biz have likely heard of the Video Remix team, a group of video specialists in high demand to make online promotions more eye-catching and engaging. This team of Dan Cumberland, Adam O’Leary, Lee Pennington, Simon Warner, Liz Pelton, and Eric Weiss are thrilled to announce the release of their app SmartVideo that achieves many of the feats in video production for which the team is known. This takes the ability to spice up campaigns with personalized videos to the marketing masses at a cost far lower than hiring a team of experts to do the legwork. In fact, this is the same technology used by corporations like McDonald’s and Nike, available to anyone starting at $47.

SmartVideo Bonus

This personalized video technology alone is enough to revolutionize online campaigns for small businesses. At its bare bones, the SmartVideo app makes instantaneous video creation using drag-and-drop techniques possible with absolutely no rendering required. It is simple to use with a clear interface, so even tech noobs can create videos in niche markets with little fuss. To make the release of SmartVideo even sweeter, the Video Remix team has made this technology available with no time limitations; it doesn’t matter if a user needs a two-minute commercial or a thirty-minute presentation – the cost is the same. Sharing is also a thing of ease with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Since SmartVideo is a cloud-based app, users can conveniently access it from multiple devices, which facilitates collaborative efforts as well. With just three steps, SmartVideo users can create start to finish a video tailor-made for their purposes and share it with the world. It starts with importing media, and the app supports a wide range of formats, including YouTube or Vimeo videos. The next step is personalization. Audio can be added via, and layers enable the addition of text, popups, and other attention-grabbing visuals. The final step is publishing, which is super easy with SmartVideo because it sends personalized videos using autoresponders to social media and beyond, essentially creating a special video for each and every viewer.

With the power of personalization gained through SmartVideo, online marketers can create campaigns that stand out, which leads to greater profits. By grabbing and keeping viewer attention, users gain brand recognition, widen audiences, and improve sales in general. It also works for affiliate marketing, and an added benefit is the ability to use opt-ins and lead magnets to build a subscriber list, promoting repeat sales of the same product or broadening into new products or services. The Video Remix team doesn’t lie when saying, "Getting your prospects and customers to engage and interact with your video marketing is essential to stand out from your competition.” Those interested can learn more or make a SmartVideo purchase at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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