Exotic Seeds Dealer Launches New Website

May 18, 2017
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Buy Exotic Seeds Online, a startup company that sells seeds to exotic crops farmers, has launched their website- buyexoticseeds.online. The announcement comes after the company’s CEO announced they had secured 10,000 tons of seeds for more than 100 types of crops and horticultural products.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our website, just twelve days after we secured 10,000 tons worth of seeds for crops of different types. The new website is a particularly great step forward, since we can now avail our more than 100 different types of seeds to customers online,” Doulas Brown, founder of the company said.

Recent research puts the contribution of online seed dealers as one of the most useful resources for small scale farmers around the world. In one study, about 70% of the world’s food comes from small-scale farmers; most of whom rely on online startups for information and seeds. While agreeing with the above research, Anne Marie notes that her company’s new website is geared to help thousands of small-scale farmers with the information and seeds they need to run successful farms.

The new website takes a simplistic design that introduces visitors to the seeds they are after based on five different categories. The first category helps the visitor sort out seeds based on their popularity; based on average rating or their newness on the website. The website also makes it easier for visitors looking for low priced seeds to view and buy them. The final category focuses on helping visitors to the website view seed types from the top most priced to the low priced.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Luke Shaw, the new website features over nine categories of seeds, most of which are rare to find the popular seed market. Luke notes that some of the flower seeds and grass seeds their website will offer are almost impossible to find in local seed stores. He also notes that the company’s dealership in the rarest seeds to find will be their best marketing tool.

“Our aim is to deal with mostly the seeds that small scale farmers find challenges finding. We have stocked at least nine categories of these seeds times. We have organic seeds from top rated manufacturers, rare flower seeds and plant seeds for normal plants as well. Our goal is to make buyexoticseeds.com an outstanding online place for farmers that need exotic seeds at irresistible prices. And we hope to market ourselves based on that,” Luke notes.

Prior to launching the website, buyexoticseeds has been in the business through social media sites. According to Luke, the company has had a lot of success and attracted a large fan base on Facebook and Instagram-the 2 social platforms they have tapped on the most. However, the company’s momentum developed with the help of the exceptional team management and their differentiated seeds that are rare to find.

“We didn’t stay long on Facebook and Instagram. Our exceptional leadership at the company and the uniqueness of our product propelled us to be here today, and launch a website that can help reach more customers,” Luke said.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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