iProven Basal Body Thermometer That Helps Women Track Ovulation Is Bestseller on Amazon

May 17, 2017
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Beaverton, OR health product company iProven is helping women to chart and calculate their ovulation. In order to help women do this properly and accurately, they have developed an ovulation measurement chart. However, in order to have a truly accurate reading, women must also be able to take their basal temperature properly. As such, they have developed the 'Professional care brought home' basal thermometer, which is now the best selling item of its kind on Amazon.

"Our basal thermometer has been designed to help women track their natural cycle," says Lorianne Hubers from iProven. "There are temperature fluctuations depending on whether a woman is approaching ovulation and/or menstruation. By taking their temperature at the same time every day, with a highly accurate basal thermometer like ours, women can get to know their cycle, which can help in natural family planning."

The basal body thermometer has been designed to help women undertake natural contraception methods. By being aware of their menstruation cycle, they are better able to predict when to have intercourse - if they want to get pregnant - or when to avoid it. In so doing, they are able to have greater control over their own body without having to resort to hormonal treatment or other methods.

"Lets talk more about this thermometer, since that's why you're here. It is streamlined and smooth, and easily pops in your mouth the moment you wake up. It is not hard to find when you are without your glasses and still groggy, and there's only one button you have to push to get it to take your temp. It takes the full minute, plus the instructions say you should actually keep it there an extra minute after you hear the beep to get the most accurate results, so I did...," says an Amazon customer.

The BBT thermometer is a best selling item on Amazon, and is rated as a 4.5 star item after over 200 reviews. This is a true testament to the quality and accuracy of the product. Many women have also hailed how easy it is to use it, particularly because it is so important to take the temperature at the same time every day, straight after waking up.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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