UK Business Solutions Franchise Eliminates Territory Restrictions, Now Offering Unlimited Territories To Its Franchisees

April 20, 2017
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Unlimited territories of the UK Crane Business Solutions franchise are now available to would-be entrepreneurs who become franchisees. As before, a Crane Business Solutions franchise offers the opportunity to own a business where almost everything will be done for new franchisees - a virtual business in a box. Yet unlike most other franchises, this one does not have the usual territory restrictions.

Michael Crane, the founder and owner of Crane Business Solutions, based in London, has decided that doing away with territory restrictions will help his franchisees run and grow their new businesses more effectively.

He discovered that many franchisees are frustrated because they know numerous potential customers that live outside their territory, yet they are not allowed to recruit them.

With the Crane Business Solutions franchise, they now can recruit fellow business owners in any part of the UK, and quickly grow their customer base.

"Usually, you are restricted to a limited geographical area when you choose a franchise territory," Crane said in an interview. "I find this restriction unnecessary because our CRM System keeps track of who brought in which customers. This means that any franchisee can recruit anyone else in the country just as long as that business is not already in our system. This allows them to call all their contacts and potentially turn them into their customers for as long as they own the franchise."

The very same CRM system is also the reason Crane has been able to make starting a franchise so easy for new franchisees. Most of the infrastructure is taken care of by the Crane franchise. This allows new franchisees to run their business on a part-time basis, even from their kitchen table.

And that, in turn, cuts down significantly on the initial funding needed to start this franchise. No fancy office is required, and certainly no storefront with the associated rental and other expenses. Crane's successful pilot office on the Kent coast serves as a model for his new franchise system.

"Almost everything is done for the new franchisees," Crane says. "All they have to do is find new customers and sell their products, and they can hire a sales person for that. It's practically a business in a box."

With the recent elimination of territory restrictions, getting those new customers is easier than ever. The unlimited territories allow new franchisees to just go down their complete contact list where every business owner in the UK could be a potential new customer.

Recruiting them as customers is made even easier because the Crane Business Solutions franchise offers a comprehensive range of business solutions and services of the kind that just about every business needs on a daily basis. Best of all, these products are "consumable" - businesses use them up and have to buy more. And that's a recipe for repeat business.

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