First Endurance Releases New Supplement Prototype to the Elite Racing Community

July 07, 2014
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Salt Lake City, UT - High performance supplement company First Endurance has released its latest product for endurance performance, the new MultiVHP Prototype.

The amount of stress and strain endurance athletes experience is far greater than most of the world’s population. Top cyclists, triathletes and ultra-runners require unique nutrition supplementation in order to recover and continue, which is why First Endurance has produced the MultiVHP Prototype.

“This all-new MultiVHP prototype is designed to meet endurance athletes’ needs and is really four products in one bottle,” Robert Kunz, VP of Reseearch and Development at First Endurance,  said. “MultiVHP delivers clinically effective doses of vitamins, minerals and key endurance specific nutrients unparalleled antioxidant protection.”

The MultiVHP Prototype contains First Endurance’s exclusive Beta Glucan 1-3/1-6, which has been clinically proven to reduce upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), improve recovery times and enhance overall wellness.  Studies have shown over-training increases the risk of URTI. If this can be avoided, the risk for URTI drops. The competitive endurance world, however, is familiar with how easily athletes can enter the overtraining zone as a result of poor recovery and a variety of other results stemming from intense training and racing stress.

The MultiVHP prototype features a proprietary prebiotic/enzyme blend to enhance macro- and micro-nutrient bioavailability. It also delivers 50-percent more iron than the regular MultiV supplement to maximize aerobic capacity and ensure peak performance, according to First Endurance.

The prototype is in the hands of its athletes now. At this stage it will be continuously developed.

“At First Endurance, we believe the best way to test new product prototypes is by getting them in the hands of the athletes,” noted Kunz. “We solicit constant feedback from our athletes and use this feedback to stay at the forefront of endurance performance. This collaboration allows our research and development team to continue to push the limits of endurance.”

More information about the product can be found at

About First Endurance

First Endurance was started by two racing fanatics (a cyclist and a triathlete) with a healthy obsession for sports nutrition. The idea was simple: to give endurance athletes access to formulas that are developed to maximize endurance performance. First Endurance pushes to develop the best products available. It is committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients, employing the latest technological advancements, and demanding the finest packaging materials to protect the product from the elements (moisture, oxygen and UV degradation).  

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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