Miami Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Announces Treatment For Eyes

April 17, 2017
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The Plastic Surgeon Miami has announced the availability of treatments that are designed to help with droopy eyelids. Dr. Ramiro Morales, a Miramar, Florida based plastic surgeon, recently stated that the clinic is now providing eyelid cosmetic surgery in Miami for those who want to have a younger look quickly and effectively.

"There are a number of products on the market that promote lifting of the eyelids," says Dr. Morales. "Unfortunately, these either do not work at all or they can take months before a patient sees the slightest result. Our eyelid surgery is designed to give you the results that you want instantly and effectively."

Dr. Morales says that the clinic's eyelid surgery is designed to correct the upper and lower eyelids, which tend to droop as patients grow older. He says that droopy eyelids not only cause a person to look older, they can also impair vision.

"Patients tell us how much better they can see once this surgery is complete," says Dr. Morales. "When the eyelids droop over the eyes, it obviously impairs the vision. Having those eyelids pulled back up where they belong not only makes you look younger, it helps you to see much better."

The plastic surgeons Miami residents can go to state that they can consult with patients to determine the extent of eyelid surgery that may be needed. Dr. Morales says that after talking with the patients, the practice advises them on the best long term treatments for their own unique issues. The practice says that patient assessment is very important in determining what treatments will give patients their desired results and to determine whether or not one is actually eligible for a specific procedure. Because of this, the clinic schedules consultations with patients prior to any work being done and helps those patients to choose the right treatments and the timing for those sessions.

Those interested in learning more about The Plastic Surgeon Miami and the range of treatments and services that they offer can visit the practice online at Information on the website includes specific details about procedures that are offered as well as contact information for those who wish to schedule a plastic surgery consultation.

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Dr. Ramiro Morales is a renowned plastic surgeon in Miami,FL. He has demonstrated expertise, dedication and excellence throughout his career and has helped many achieve their beauty, aesthetic and body image goals.

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