Best Way To Cover Food In Microwave Revealed

May 12, 2017
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best way to cover food in microwaveThe microwave oven is one of the most essential cooking utensils in everyday modern kitchens. However, as much as people love it, they also loathe the fact that it often makes food pop as it boils from the inside, leaving the insides of the kitchen appliance covered with splatter. Monika's Marketplace, a company in Sanford, FL, has now revealed the best way to cover food in microwave.

A company representative says: "We have created a microwave cover that truly provides the best way to cook in the microwave. Not only does it stop splatter but it also builds up steam inside the dome, which further cooks the food and keeps it warm if left unvented. Naturally, safety comes first, and we have added a variety of safety features to the device so that people can enjoy cooking without the mess."

The product has become incredibly popular very quickly, with the best microwave cover review highlighting the various features that the product offers. "The handle is easy to grab (not slippery like others) and I love the venting option - my food stays as it's supposed to and is not wet after heating. I close the vent when heating rice to keep moisture in...," says one Amazon customer.

The microwave cover is designed to fit a standard dinner plate. It measures 10.5" by 3.5", which means it also doesn't get too high for a standard microwave. It is fitted with a top handle for easy removal, and a vent that allows people to release the steam, or leave it in place in order to keep food warm.

Of particular interest to many people is the fact that the microwave cover is also certified 100% BPA free. The best way to cover food in microwave has to be BPA free, as it would otherwise release potentially harmful chemicals. The company has recently received its BPA free certificate after having independent chemical lab tests completed. The company representative says: "The best way to cook in the microwave is not to cook with just any microwave cover. It is to cook with a microwave cover like ours, which is BPA free."

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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