Handmade Door Draft Stopper Helps Lower Energy Costs During Winter

March 16, 2017
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Door Draft Stopper

The winter season is well known as a time when energy costs increase in places that suffer from cold weather at that time of the year. The new handmade door draft stopper from Monika’s Marketplace is designed to help homeowners reduce their energy costs during winter by helping to keep out cold drafts.

Made in the USA, the door draft stopper is designed to fit snugly under doors of standard size up to 37” in width. It consists of fabric and is weighted to provide a seal under door bottoms, blocking cold air from entering a room under the door. It is useful in areas where a permanent weather strip or sweep is not recommended or cannot be installed under a door.

With energy costs increasing by as much as 38% in some states, according to predictions for the current season, made by the department of energy in late 2016, a door draft stopper is considered helpful in reducing heating bills. Once it is placed at the bottom of the door, not only does it stop cold air from entering a room, it also helps to keep warm air in. The more warm air there is in a room during cold weather, the lesser the need to keep the heater on, or to turn it up.

Since being launched on Amazon.com, the 37” handmade draft door stopper from Monika’s Marketplace has quickly become a favorite among similar items on the ecommerce website. “I was using towels before, but they really did not do the job. I know my back room is much warmer now that the cold air is not coming in. Very practical. High quality materials. Easily worth the price,” said Boldtogo, a verified Amazon reviewer who bought the product.

The new 37-inch, weighted door draft stopper from Monika’s Marketplace is currently in stock for people searching for a solution to help reduce energy costs during winter. All shoppers currently receive a bonus storage bag, which is useful when the door draft stopper is not in use.

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