Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Greg Walker Releases New Book: ‘Dream to Grow Rich: How to Dream, Grind, Hustle Your Way to Success’

February 13, 2017
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Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Greg Walker announces the Amazon release of his new book “Dream to Grow Rich: How to Dream, Grind, Hustle Your Way to Success,” with a foreword by TV personality and speaker Les Brown.

The first part of the book details Walker’s life. He was born and raised on the south side of Columbus, Ohio, where he grew up in an environment filled with drugs, alcohol and violence. One of 15 children, Walker was told over and over he didn’t stand a chance to succeed in life. He was teased, called a slow learner and was surrounded by failure. On his first day of high school, the principal told him to drop out.

But Walker had a dream. While people were trying to pull him down, he kept at it. Walker’s dream didn’t include being a failure and quitting was not an option. He did the grind and he hustled to become the person he is today, where he owns three franchise businesses and travels the world motivating others to pursue their own hopes and dreams.

“I believe success is for everyone who is willing to dream, grind and hustle,” said Walker. “It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start.”

The book “Dream to Grow Rich” details Walker’s rough times growing up, when a few believers in his own life helped him become the first in his family of 15 children to graduate high school. He eventually entered the business world that came with its own set of ups and downs, before he became a successful owner of several franchise stores.

A turning point in the book details how the man who used to be so shy he’d have his girlfriend order his meals for him attended his first Toastmaster’s meeting, which opened up a whole new world of sharing his story and motivating others.

“Greg’s story and his book are an amazing realization of what can be done when one does what is necessary to succeed and has dreams. Greg does what it takes to make dreams happen. It is a true ‘Horatio Alger’ story and everyone can learn from what he shares in his book,” said Mike Frank, CSP, CPAE, president of Speakers Unlimited and past president of the National Speakers Association.

Greg Walker now travels the world speaking on motivation, personal development and leadership. He connects with audiences with his down-to-earth, open and engaging personality and is known for his bursts of excitement and dynamic and inspiring messages that resonate with people from all walks of life.

‘Dream to Grow Rich’ is available on Amazon and more about author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Greg Walker can be found at www.GregInspires.com.
Greg Walker Dream to Grow Rich

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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