New LondonXCity Website Provides Information On Everything From Nutrition To Money To Sports

February 17, 2017
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London X City is an online magazine based out of London, England, that offers the latest information on everything from nutrition to money and sports. The company states that they regularly update their articles and information in an effort to serve their readers with the most recent news about celebrities, health and wellness, and various other topics.

"We strive to offer our readers all of the information that they want in just one place," says Chloe, a spokesperson for the London X City website.

The company states that among their most popular topics are celebrities, which includes various different celebs and news surrounding them. Another popular topic has to do with relationships where Chloe states that those dating can gain information about all sorts of advice and tips about dating.

"From being a single mom to dating someone outside your race, we have information for everyone. If you are single, you are definitely going to want to read up on the various posts that we have available. Go ahead and visit here to find all the information you need," says Chloe.

Chloe states that sports and finances are also very popular topics and says that the company has a team of writers with experience in their chosen categories so readers can rest assured that what they are reading carries validity. Other topics include weight loss and world news and these include various events related to current news and the company states that their news category is updated as regularly as possible to keep their readers in the loop on a host of different newsworthy topics. The magazine states that they have a number of categories currently available and says that they may consider adding new topics in the future, depending on what their readers feel would help to benefit the site.

Although a relatively new online magazine, the company states that they currently have a number of dedicated readers and says that they hope others will soon follow suit. Those interested in seeing all of the currently available categories or learning more about the magazine in general can visit them on their new website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Londoncity:

London x city is company that reports all about whats hot about London. London is an extraordinary city that needs to be reported on. We cover everything from food and celebrities to sports, business and money.

Contact Londoncity:

se18 5dh

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